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Important things to do before searching for secondary schools

It may be difficult for you to finding the right secondary school for your child. Several primary schools act as feeder schools for secondary schools, so you don’t need to make your arrangements, but what if this isn’t the case and you need to make your arrangements.

  1. Consider all options

You need to keep an open mind when you are looking for IGCSE Singapore schools. You may have preconceptions about specific schools because they have a good reputation, you know children there, or their sports teams are good. To start with, you should know that none of these preconceptions matter. Your child’s education is the most important thing, and you should start by being open-minded and considering all your options. Never fail to notice anything at the starting!

  1. Consult with primary school

If you are looking for secondary schools for your child, you should consult his or her primary school first. In addition to the schools their children should go to, they will also recommend schools for you to consider (you might be moving away or considering an independent school), so your primary school can help you. Since the sole purpose of their education is to prepare children for secondary schools, the staff will always help with the search for secondary schools.

  1. Know the level of GCSE for your child

You may think it’s a long way off, but it’s not. In about two and a half years, your child will start studying for IGCSE Singapore, so you will need to have an idea of what subjects they want to study. If your child needs a slightly less mainstream curriculum, remember that some schools get better results in certain subjects than others, and some schools offer a wide range of choices if that is what he or she wants!

  1. Discuss with your child

Be sure to include your child in the search for secondary schools with you, since it is your child who will attend the school, not you. Likewise, what you consider an important factor may not be important to them and vice versa. So you need to define key points and talk about them in detail.

  1. Try to Visit many schools

Visit secondary schools actively to find one you like. While it seems obvious, few people utilize this possibility. If you’re thinking about applying, they will certainly welcome the opportunity to meet you.