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Places In Hawaii Best For Residential Properties

You finally decided to buy a house, and you want it in Hawaii. Living in Hawaii’s paradise is one of the biggest dreams of many. And if this is one of yours, you should start with learning the best places to live in Hawaii. Knowing this will make it easier for you to decide where you want to build your house in that location. So this 2022, here are the top 5 places to buy a home in Hawaii.

Waimea Big Island

If you want a quiet and peaceful residence, then you should check out the homes for sale in Waimea Big Island. With a land area of 38.7 square miles, its population density per square mile is 238 people, which is very low. When you choose to live in Waimea, you’re practically just a walking distance of everything you need.

Everything is in Waimea town, which means you no longer have to travel to Hilo or Kona for this reason. Also, Waimea home prices increased to 80.3% in 2021. The Median Home Price in Waimea Big Island is $1.4M. Homes here are selling fast. In December 2021 alone, 20 homes were sold.

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Kahuku has a population of 2,119. The neighborhood here is known to be family-friendly, peaceful, and quiet. So if you are looking for a place to settle in Hawaii where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, delectable food, beautiful sunsets, and friendly people, then Kahuku is the place to go. The Median Home Prices here are at $598,300.


Lawai has a population of 2,047 in a 4.2 square miles total area. Lawai is mainly composed of mellow neighborhoods. Traffic is low too. Lawai is considered one of the most affordable yet scenic regions of the island. That is why it is an ideal location for those looking to build or purchase their Hawaiian dream home. The Median Home Price in Lawai is $589,200.


With a population of about 2,258, Honokaa is considered one of the best places in Hawaii to buy a home. The majority of Honoka’s real estate consists of owner-occupied, single-family homes. The Median Home Price here is $350,900.

Buying a home can only be a wonderful experience if you know that you make the right decision. The buying process will not be easy, especially if this is the first time you purchase a house. So do your thorough research and educate yourself about where you want to live first.